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Blogging & Microblogging

A blog is a type of online journal with entries sorted by date.  Most blogging sites allow bloggers to connect with other users and follow blogs of interest, as well as gain a following of bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  Microblogging is blogging that is greatly shortened to text message length, such as the 140-character "tweets" seen on the microblogging site Twitter.


Blogger started as a small blogging service in 1999 and was eventually bought out by Google in 2002.  Blogger features customizable easy-to-use templates and allows its millions of users to follow each other's content.


Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has become the most utilized blogging service on the web, hosting millions of blog sites and featuring forums where users can form their own communities.  WordPress is an OpenSource project and offers many customizable layouts for the novice and expert alike.


Introduced in 2006, Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to share and follow information in real time.  User "tweets" are limited to 140 characters or less, and users can follow others they find of interest, from personal friends, to news networks, to celebrities.  Due to the nature of brief updates and the relative ease of collecting "followers", Twitter is often utilized as a method of advertising to interested consumers.
Sample Twitter page:  Zeducorp

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